Your treasure is waiting to be discovered, brought home and proudly displayed. Rest assured you'll get the very best deal on any furnishings you buy, and also on consignment. We do a 50/50 split on consigned items.

How it works

We accept photos via email for review by our staff.  Once your items have been approved for consignment, you may bring them into the store once an appointment has been established.

Since our consigned items are a 50/50 split, merchandise is rotated daily, weekly and well...all the time!  We strive to continue to keep the store fresh, new, and uphold our unique look.  In order to do this, items that remain after one month are discounted by 10%, after two months, 20% and after three months at 30% off.  Items remaining after a three month period can either be discounted more or may be picked up by the consignor.

Ready to start cashing in on your beautiful furnishings?